Song (After Nature)

Song (After Nature) installed at Lindisfarne Castle
Song (After Nature) (detail) installed at Lindisfarne Castle

Song (After Nature)

7.1 channel sound, object and text installation, 8 mins, 2022.

Seal calls and other natural sounds of the Holy Island landscape – recorded by legendary sound recordist Chris Watson – were transcribed into a richly layered cello composition created with cellist Gyda Valtysdottir. This immersive sound piece was installed within the Lindisfarne Castle ‘music room’ with accompanying objects, and a projected text that aimed to ‘translate’ the seal song as a playful yet grave warning of climate catastrophe. Thanks to Gyða Valtýsdóttir, Chris Watson, Ian Kerr, Laura Gledhill, Julia Routh, C. Green, Noel Connor, Paul Mein, Lindisfarne Castle, Maltings Berwick, Newcastle University, Arts and Heritage and Arts Council England.

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“The songs of seals – or are they sirens luring sailors to their deaths? – haunt this fortress in a sound installation that exploits its seashore setting.” Jonathan Jones (The Guardian). 22/2/2022 preview of the work.

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