Flat 23

Flat 23 installed at Site Gallery
Flat 23 installed at The Walker Art Gallery

Flat 23

Six channel sound installation for three monitors, 2 mins looped, 2002.

A former resident of a Liverpool block of flats, which was about to be demolished, was asked to list the objects that filled three rooms in her former flat. This list was set to music and spoken and sung by a female voice, layered and harmonised with itself, which forms the soundtrack to static video shots of the same, now empty, rooms. The description of the hand made furniture made by the resident’s husband, who died just as they left the flat, forms the lyrics for the lead vocal harmony in the piece. The lead vocal could be both a lament for a human relationship and for the failure of art to do justice to it. Thanks to Doreen Hughes and Marie Therese Escritt. Commissioned by Further Up in the Air.

Purchased in 2015 by The Arts Council Collection.


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